Solution For Your Home with US Legal Network.

At US Legal network Beverly Hills we have a variety of services designed for different people in specific situations. Our main mission was to offer assistance to the home owners who have been victimized by fraud mortgage modification firms and fraud mortgage lenders. If you are among the people who has fallen victim of mortgage fraud then I am here to assist you on how you can get back the money that you lost.

We have a menu of services that we offer to our clients that includes;

  • H.A.R.P. (Home Affordable Refinance Program)
  • H.A.R.P. 2.0(Home Affordable Refinance Program 2.0)
  • Mass Tort Litigation
  • Short sale Program
  • Court Forms Preparation
  • Individualized Lender Litigation
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Mortgage Loan Audit

US Legal network Beverly hill services are offered by a team of experts who have experience in mortgage fraud for a long period of time. Some of our experts are qualified attorney who has adequate knowledge of US Legal services. We offer our services for free to ensure all victims have a chance of obtaining the necessary assistance they require from us.

To obtain the best experience of our services you should understand your mortgage repayment status to obtain the services that best suits you. At US Legal network Beverly Hills we assist you to select the best service to suit your specific situation. If for example your home has become underwater we recommend you to select the Home Affordable Refinance program 2.0 while if you has been constantly repaying your mortgage and then you face financial setbacks that prevents you from repaying the mortgage consecutively you should select the Home Affordable Refinance Program.

US Legal network Beverly Hills services are not designed for the mortgage fraud victims only but also to the people who are planning to obtain a mortgage. We advise clients in selection of mortgage firms that has affordable mortgage repayment terms.

If you are in need of any of our services do not hesitate to contact us for the assistance. We are always willing to offer the services that suit our clients well. Our main objective is to ensure our clients’ needs are attended to and their problem has been solved. We therefore assure you our help at any time you require it. If you come across any other person interested with any of our services, refer him to us and we will offer the necessary assistance to him.