Solution For Your Home with US Legal Network.

After the 2007 real estate economic crisis in USA, Most of the mortgage homeowners were left in a hard to deal with situation due to the financial setbacks they were facing. Most of the mortgage customers were mentally disturbed after failing to pay the mortgage repayments conveniently. Various mortgage loan modification companies were started to assist the mortgage customers to renegotiate with the mortgage lenders for extension of repayment period and also reduction of the monthly rate repayments. Some fraud mortgage modification companies took advantage of the high demand of their services and promised to negotiate with the mortgage lender regarding mortgage modification services on behalf of their clients. After some months the clients realized those firms were fraud and they had been corned. If you are among the people who were trapped in this trap then you are on the right hands where we will offer assistance at this hard moment.

At US Legal network Beverly hill we offer professional services to the victims of mortgage fraud to enable them to recover from misfortune they have encountered from mortgage conmen. In line with solving mortgage modification fraud, we also offer the following homeowner programs;

  • H.A.R.P (Home Affordable Refinance Program)
  • H.A.R.P 2.0(Home Affordable Refinance Program 2.0)
  • Mortgage Loan audit
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Individual Lender Litigation
  • Courts Forms preparation
  • Mass tort litigation

When choosing the program to select from our menu of programs, have the necessary information regarding your mortgages to select the program that will suit you well. If you do not have the necessary information seeks assistance from our team of experts who will guide you according to your situation.

US Legal network team of experts offers education and guidance to the mortgage modification fraud victims for free. If you might have been coerced to sign illegal mortgage documents unknowingly, we will assist you to solve the challenges you are going through.

Our programs are not only meant to the mortgage fraud victims but also to those who are planning to take a mortgage loan. We will advice you on the loan repayment terms that you will pay without much trouble.

If you are planning to seek assistance regarding any of our programs, feel free to contact us and we will offer the service that suits you. We put our clients’ needs first and ensure we offer the necessary assistance. Do you have any of your workmate who is searching for any of our program? If you have one refers him to US Legal network and we will provide the program that will suit him.